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Graduate Credit Add On

In partnership with Ed Technology Specialists, this hybrid course drives students to apply the digital skills they learned to ignite learning and communication in their practice.  Students will first complete an in-person “bootcamp” with AppsEvents. They will become Google Educator L1 or L2 upon completion. Then, they will finish up an online graduate credit component.  Students will create a capstone project that demonstrates proficiency of various Google tools, including but not limited to Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Youtube, Sites, Classroom, Slides, Meet, and others. The project will demonstrate how these tools will ignite learning and communication with students or parents, or both.

Course Objectives:

  • Teachers will complete a Google Educator L1 or L2 Day Bootcamp to practice core competencies of using G Suite tools in a learning environment.
  • Teachers will evaluate key features of core G Suite tools that can increase productivity, communication, collaboration and engagement for learning and produce artifacts as evidence.
  • Teachers will successfully complete the Google Educator L1 or L2 Certification Exam.
  • Teachers will design a cumulative learning or productivity projects that integrates at least three tools.