London Summit

A new type of summit for a new decade.

Join us in London, near Abbey Road, for 3 days of Educational Technology workshops led by a range of experienced educators, tech coaches and trainers. Half and full-day workshops will enable you to go deeper on the pedagogy and leave with lots of great ideas for how to embed technology in teaching and learning. Combining G Suite for Education with the best pedagogy gives you the chance to explore how learning can be enhanced and transformed, developing your curriculum and widening the opportunities for all learners.

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The London Summit 2020 will take all the best parts of networking with great educators, amazing trainers and exploring new technology for learning that AppsEvents Summits have always been known for, and put them into a deeper professional development experience spending longer on concepts in half-day workshops. Today, we are sharing the first set of workshops on our schedule and we look forward to launching further workshops over the coming months. Workshops already confirmed include:

Design Sprint for Education

A design sprint helps take a sticky challenge facing you, your school or your organisation and work through the design process in a short, focused period of time to come out with better insights through prototyping ideas and testing with real users. In this one day workshop you will get hands-on with the design sprint methodology and techniques to prototype an idea to take on your education challenges. Bring a big sticky education challenge with you!

Building a Low-Tech Makerspace

Makerspaces don’t have to be 3D printers and laser cutters. Low-tech makerspaces can introduce students to design thinking while making them manageable spaces to live in a library or student lounge. In this session, we will learn the elements of design thinking, as well as discuss tools and consumables that can make your low tech maker space a quick win to get students engaged.  

Podcasts are the New Essays

Podcasting is a great way to have students share their ideas, as well as teaching them about creating new media which is an essential career skill in the 21st century. We will go over all aspects of the process: planning, recording, editing, publishing as well as marketing the podcast, all whilst giving tips for setting up your school’s very own podcasting studio.  Tools we will utilize in this session include Google Docs, Soundtrap, Anchor.fm, Canva, and Google Sites. 

Digital Citizenship and Literacy

In this session, we will discuss current digital citizenship issues in the classroom and the home lives of students. In groups based on student age, we will create lessons that you can take home to teach students about these issues that both engage them and amplify student voice. 


Other confirmed workshops

  • Design Sprint for Edu
  • Learning with VR and AR
  • G Suite for Little Learners (with references to Reggio Emilia)
  • Productivity for All in G Suite and Chromebooks

Coming Soon

We are also bringing some of our experience of instructional design for Google for Education events at BETT, ISTE and SXSW Edu to provide experiential hands-on experiences with G Suite and Chromebooks where learning takes centre-stage. 

Look out for more news around certification options, experiential workshops and new speakers coming in 2020.

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