Remote Learning

In light of many schools thinking about remote learning, join our upcoming live online Bootcamp or Summit featuring Google for Education to see how you could teach online with Google for Education tools and connect with your students online.


Acer and AppsEvents present a series of live online ‘Google Summit’ – sharing how teachers and schools have adapted to online lessons with a strong focus on Google for Education. 

Watch the recordings from our past online summits below.

Setting up Google Workspace for Education – Mail: Google Enterprise Virtual Summit – June 1, 2021

  • Setting up based on age
  • Who can send where
  • Footers for compliance
  • Detect bad words and action appropriately

Back to the Classroom | Virtual Google EDU Summit – May 18, 2021

  • Taking Google Classroom Further
  • Jamboard
  • Keep – More than a Post It Note

Admin Best Practice: Getting your Workspace Setup Right | Virtual Admin Summit – April 13, 2021

  • Admin Best Practice: Getting your Workspace Setup Right:
    * Gettings started – Quick start and deployment guides
    * Security checklists based on organisation size
    * Admin Best Practices: Google Drive Setup
    – Sharing and restrictions
    – Link Sharing / Target Audiences
    – Access checker
    * Q and A

Bringing Innovation to Education | Virtual Google EDU Summit – Apr 27, 2021

  • Innovation Breakout – Dale Plotzki
  • Keeping a Pulse on Innovation – Sandra Chow
  • Esports in Education – Craig Woody

Google in Secondary | Virtual Google EDU Summit – Feb 16, 2021

  •  Applied Digital Skills – Lawrence Tijjani
  • Google Tools for Differentiation – Katie Steen
  • eSports in Education – Live interview with 2 teachers across 2 continents with great experience with eSports in schools. – Bogdan Copil and James Abela

Google for Creativity | Googley Women | Virtual Google EDU Summit – Mar 13, 2021

  • Choose Your Own Adventure – Kimberley Lane Clark
  • Supporting ELL Parents and Students During Distance Learning and Beyond – Natalia LeMoyne
  • Creating Interactive Assignments with Google Slides – MaryEllen West
    Google Certifications – Lisa Thumann

Coding in the Classroom | Virtual Google EDU Summit Dec 15, 2020

  • Computational Thinking – Solve any problem! – James Abela

  • Keeping up with Computer Science-A shift in the paradigm of integrating computer science FOR ALL – Kimberly Lane Clark

  • Coding in EYFS, what does it look like? – Sethi De Clercq

Google for Creativity | Virtual Google EDU Summit – Jan 27, 2021

  • Design Features of Google Slides and How to Use Them – Jane Vestil

  • Three creative ways to use Google Slides – Lina Othman

  • Visualizing learning creatively – Georgina Dean

Google Workspace & Chrome Enterprise Security Virtual Summit

  • Google Workspace – Security in Focus (Login Challenges, 2-Step Verification, Security in the cloud)

  • Google Workspace Apps – Protective Security (Google Drive, Gmail, Security, investigation and Data Retention)

  • Chrome Enterprise (Sector leading device security, Encryption, Updates, Safe Browsing, Trusted Applications, Chrome browser management)

G Suite Enterprise for Education Webinar

  • Introduction & Overview
  • Using Enterprise Tools across Schools

  • Teaching and Learning with G Suite Enterprise for Education

October Summer

  • Reading Difficulty Power Tools – Don’t plan by hand, plan with power tools! – James Abela
  • Reimagining Classroom Routines using GSuite – Kristen Struble
  • Collaborate with Jamboard! – Kim House
  • Google Slides and Peardeck: Engaging learners in digital lessons – Katie Steen
  • Nearpod: make every session interactive – Rachel Coathup

November Summit

  • Opening Remote/Hybrid Learning Roundtable – Lisa Thumann
  • Math & STEM Made Digital & Accessible – Louis Shanafelt
  • Podcasts Are the New Essays: Science Edition – Katie Fielding
  • Google Arts and Culture in the Blended Science Classroom – Tammy Lind
  • Let’s Kick Some Math!: Using Technology to Exponentially Improve The Mathematics Classroom – Jesse Lubinsky
  • Collaborative Problem Sets Across Distance – Reshan Richards
  • Visualize Your Data with Google Workspace – Tom Mullaney
  • Google Keep in the Science Classroom – Lisa Thumann
  • Math Jams – Tara Linney

September Summer Summit 1

  • Round table: Lessons learned working from home for 8 years
  • Top Tips for Great Lessons with Google Slides – Sethi De Clercq
  • Introduction to Google Classroom – Dan Pardy
  • Storytelling with the Google Earth Projects Tool – Nathan Gildart
  • Why Chromebooks are built for learning and the role of Acer for Education in supporting the digital transformation of the schools – Roberto Rosaschino

September Summer Summit 2

  • Round table: Lessons learned working from home for 8 years – Dan Taylor, Ben Rouse, and Guto Aaron
  • Why Chromebooks are built for learning and the role of Acer for Education in supporting the digital transformation of the schools
  • Tame your Inbox – Bogdan Copil
  • ISTE Certified Educator overview

July Summer Summit 1

  • Roundtable – Discussion with Suan Yeo and school’s around the region
  • #Back2School In The Blended Classroom w/ Sethi De Clerq
  • Creating Engaging Screencasts: Tips And Techniques For Making High-Quality Videos In No Time w/ Tanya LeClair
  • Unpacking #Back2school Creativity With G Suite For Education w/ Georgina Dean
  • Use Flipgrid To Build Your Class Community w/ Ivy Li
  • Student Agency In An Online Environment w/ Ken Morrison
  • Alternative Uses For Sheets w/ Kristen Strubl
  • Small Groups are Neat on Google Meet w/ Melanie Cherry
  • App Prototyping Using Slide w/ Tim Evans

July Summer Summit 2

  • Why Chromebooks are built for learning and the role of Acer for Education in supporting the digital transformation of the schools
  • See The World With Expeditions And Tour Creator w/ Rachel Coathup
  • Supporting Virtual Teaching And Learning Using Google Sites w/ Zaitoon Bukhari
  • Differentiation And Formative Assessment With Quizlet And Classroom w/ Wendy Peskett

June Summer Summit 1

  • From Surviving to Thriving – EdTech post covid-19 with Craig Kemp 
  • Start the new year organised and ready for learning with Drive, Classroom and Mail! with Sethi De Clercq
  • Cultivating Creativity & Engaging Learners with Sketchnoting with Georgina Dean 
  • Reading Difficulty Power Tools – A virtual teaching assistant! with James Abela 
  • Storytelling with the Google Earth Projects Tool with Nathan Gildart

June Summer Summit 2 

  • Bringing Innovative Technologies to the School of Tomorrow with Roberto Rosaschino, Acer
  • Design Thinking with Cris Turple
  • Edtech Certifications with Lawrence Tijjani 
  • Creating Instructional Video with Guto Aaron

Teaching Online Summit 1

  • Schools closures in Asia – Tim Evans (SAIS Hong Kong) talks with Dan and James
  • Using video to enhance learning – Screen recording with Loom and YouTube – Sethi De Clercq 
  • Google Slides to Google Classroom to SeeSaw – Tim Evans  
  • Google Jamboard – Rachel Coathup 
  • Managing meetings and agendas with Google Sheets – Tim Bray
  • Google Sites for your class – Rob McElroy

Teaching Online Summit 2

  • Ben, Kim, Bogdan and Jon discuss teaching online strategies
  • Google Jamboard – Kim House
  • Peardeck – Kim House 
  • Spice up your Google Forms – Bogdan Copil 
  • Google Classroom for Remote Learning and more – Jon Neale


Google Educator Level 1 Bootcamp

Whether you are new to Google Classroom, or transitioning to online classes, our online Google Educator Level 1 Bootcamp will give you the tools to easily manage your classes online. Learn more.

Google Educator Level 2 Bootcamp

The AppsEvents Google Certified Educator Level 2 Bootcamp focuses on expanding beyond core competencies using G Suite as a means to engage and redefine learning activities. Learn more.


We’ve put together a couple of video tutorials on how you can setup right away Google Classroom, Google Meet, Google Chrome and so much more for distance learning as well as podcast interviews with educators and school leaders from various international schools in Asia, Middle East, and Europe to see the situation in their countries and how their schools are handling this new world of distance learning.

Free Consultation

Setting up G Suite for distance learning at your school or remote working for your business? If you need any advice, we are happy to jump on a 30-minute hangout to help.  

Google Meet for Remote and Online Learning

Are you wondering about school Closure? Worried about teaching online or thinking about the possibility of trying it yourself? Here are some key tips and tricks to get started!

Schedule Meetings in Google Meet

Wondering about Scheduling your Google Meet conferences? Here’s how to do it!

How to Store and Share Video Lessons with Drive and YouTube

Creating Video lessons is more important today than ever before! Get your lessons online, Record yourself or your slide-deck and create engaging online content. Students love this format and delivering it this way is much easier and faster than you might think!

But where do we host our files and what about sharing them? Which platform is safe and what about the settings for sharing? In this video, we go over both Drive and YouTube as ideal video platforms to share your lessons.

Amazing Updates for Google Meet

Updates in Google Meet for this month! Sharing audio and video is now available and the Integration of Google Meet and Classroom has been made even easier to set up!

Editable Worksheet from PDF with Slides Shared on Classroom

Create editable Worksheets from PDF file with Google Slides and Share them via Classroom. A power combo for online learning!

Download or Export your Google Data – How to use Google Takeout

How do you transfer or Export your Google and G suite data to another account or take it with you on Cloud storage? In this video, we look at Google Takeout and how you can use it to bring your files with you!

Update to the sharing settings for Google Docs

Did you try the new sharing Dialogue box yet? It’s brilliant! In this video you will see everything that has changed and what looks different.

How To use Shared Drives in Google Drive

Where do you store and share your files? Shared Drives? My Drive? Whats the difference? No worries. In this video we look at what makes Google Shared Drives Special!

How to Add multiple Signatures to GMail

Using signatures in GMail can save time, add a level of professionalism, and make sure people are getting a consistent format whenever you contact them.

How to Use Templates in Gmail to save time

Ever wondered how you can save time in GMail. Here is the answer! Use the template functionality with GMail and create your very own email templates!

First Time using Google Classroom? Start Here (Fall 2020)

In this video, we start from the beginning. If you are a first time user of Google Classroom or are using Classroom with your students this year, this video is for you! The first in a series of videos on Google classroom. A Beginners Guide to Google Classroom.

Google Classroom – Keeping parents informed

Ever wondered if you could keep parents informed of whats happening in Google Classroom? Want more engaged students and parents? Here is how you can add the Guardians to your Classroom and have them receive summaries of all that goes on in regards to the learning.

Mark Categories in Google Classroom

Mark Categories in Google classroom make your grading and assessment clear to students. You can add these visual labels to your assignments and save time setting up specific Mark settings.

Virtual Backgrounds in Google Meet

Virtual Backgrounds in Google Meet are here and they are amazing!

Gmail Out of Office Responder

Set up an autoresponder with Gmail to inform everyone when you are out or when you will be responding to their emails.

Google for Remote/Online Learning

Using Google for Remote/Online Learning? These videos will get you setup with Google Meet, Google Classroom, Google Chrome and much more.

Watch more Google for Remote/Online Learning videos on our YouTube channel.

Applied Digital Skills Q&A Live

Check out the recording from our recent Live Q&A with Lawrence Tijjani and Ben Rouse on Applied Digital Skills and using this curriculum for distance learning or as part of your curriculum. Google created this free online curriculum to support all learners looking to develop digital skills, including if-then adventures in Google Slides, CV creation, coding, and research projects.

School closures episode. Live from Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Bahrain

We are in the middle of Coronavirus hysteria right now and many schools are closed, with staff continuing to work from home. On this round table discussion we talk with some International School Educators working and teaching online.

School closures episode 2. Live from Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Bahrain

Since we recorded our last episode two weeks ago schools around the world have closed and countries have a wide variety of restrictions on movement in place. We go back to our guests to check in on the situation in their countries and see how their schools are handling this new world of distance learning.

School closures Europe episode Live from Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic

In this podcast episode, we talk to two International School tech leaders in Europe about how they have handled the recent school closures. We also have a lot of great listener questions from Facebook and Twitter.

School closures episode 3. Live from Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Japan and Bahrain

In our third episode discussing International School closures in Asia, we recap the journeys of our guests and talk about how the school closures came about and how they have dealt with it.

Listen to more podcast interviews on all aspects of technology and life in International Schools here.