Comprehensive Security Audit

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Appsevents are pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive security review of your Google Admin Console. The process has been designed with Google for Education and Chrome Enterprise Solutions Engineers and covers all relevant security configurations in your admin console.

The health check consists of 4 key elements:


A meeting between Appsevents and key stakeholders to establish key information.

Full Audit

Appsevents undertakes a detailed 2 day remote audit of current security configurations.

Present Report

Appsevents presents back findings, discusses implications and gives recommendations.

Implementation Workshop

Appsevents works with your key stakeholders to implement recommendations.

What does a Google Security Audit include?

  • A detailed report on each of 9 areas of the audit
  • A set of over 130 action items for each area
  • Recommendations as per Google’s best practice
  • Links to Google’s support documents for each item
  • A summary of strengths and prioritised areas for development
  • Up to two meetings to support admin console changes