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Google Summer Summit

Thursday July 30, 2020

Summit 1: 10AM EUR | 1PM Dubai | 4PM ICT | 5PM HK or SIN

Summit 2: 10AM EDT US | 4PM CEST | 6PM Dubai | 9PM ICT | 10PM HK or SIN | 3PM BST

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Acer and AppsEvents present the live online ‘Summer Summit’ – sharing how teachers and schools have adapted to online lessons with a strong focus on Google for Education.

The event will run twice to suit all time zones. You may attend both summits!

Thursday, July 30

  • Summit 1: 10AM EUR | 1PM Dubai | 4PM ICT | 5PM HK or SIN
  • Summit 2: 10AM EDT US | 4PM CEST | 6PM Dubai | 9PM ICT | 10PM HK or SIN | 3PM BST

Sessions and Speakers

Roundtable - Discussion with Suan Yeo and school's around the region

About Suan Yeo

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Suan’s great passion is working on empowering the current and next generation of students to become lifelong learners. As an Education Evangelist for Google, he gets to work closely with educators, school leaders and fellow learners on enabling the use of technology at the institution level. Google has been his home for the last 14+ years, with stints in 7 offices, 5 countries and 3 product teams.

When not being “up in the air”, Suan resides in Sydney where he enjoys the 300 days of sunshine a year with his awesome wife and two wonderful kids.

#Back2School in the Blended Classroom

Sethi De Clerq

As schools are preparing to start the new Academic year, let’s explore some measingful ways of applying a Blended Classroom model. This combination of Distance learning and in person instructions is a powerful tool in our teacher toolkit. We will go over some best practices to set up your Google Classroom and discuss the best way to share content for maximum student engagement.

Creating Engaging screencasts: tips and techniques for making high quality videos in no time

Tanya LeClair

If you’re a teacher conducting virtual learning, chances are you are making screencasts to teach your students. In this session you will learn some of the different ways you can develop creative and engaging screencasts, and some tips and techniques for maximizing various web tools. By implementing some of these ideas you will save time while still presenting excellent online lessons.

Unpacking #back2school creativity with G Suite For Education

Georgina Dean

With so many uncertainties that lay ahead for returning to school this fall, this session will be a great opportunity to discover how to use simple existing teaching and learning tools, in creative and innovative new ways. This session will explore strategies to digitize your teaching day with G Suite for Education apps, diversifying current approaches and app-smashing digital tools.

Use Flipgrid to Build Your Class Community

Ivy Li

In this session, we will go through various functions of Flipgrid. The presenter will share a few ways to use Flipgrid during online learning and how it can help to build a class community.

Student agency in an online environment

Ken Morrison

Learn strategies and structures that help students take ownership of their learning, advocate for themselves, and document their learning journey from any location.

Alternative Uses for Sheets

Kristen Struble

Sheets isn’t just for data tracking – it can be an interactive learning tool for students too! In this session, we’ll take a look at some ways you can use Sheets with your students that are engaging, and how conditional formatting can automatically provide feedback as they complete the activities.

App Prototyping using Slide

Tim Evans

In this session, we will look at another way of using Slides – App Prototyping. With the use of hyperlinks, students can start to plan and design an app, including testing and sharing it. A great way to make use of a tool we all know and love.

Small Group Guided Reading on Google Meet

Melanie Cherry

Conferring and small group work are the most important elements of teaching readers in the classroom. How can we move this work to the virtual world? Take your guided reading workshops or Readers Workshop small group conferences online with Google Meet. (K-5)

See the World with Expeditions and Tour Creator

Rachel Coathup

Explore how you can use Google Expeditions to step back in time or allow pupils to experience the world without leaving the classroom / home! A focus on using tools to explore history, geography, science and more. Learn how to create your own 360 virtual reality tours with Google Tour Creator.

Supporting virtual teaching and learning using Google Sites

Zaitoon Bukhari

So, we have planned to return to school in September – face to face but also factor in the virtual aspect of teaching. We will have students and staff who will not be able to attend. We are moving away from exercise books and text books and using Google Classroom as our main tool for work output and return.

One tool we have made significant use of during the lockdown is Sites. I have created CPL website which hosts all teacher training – with many aspects using Autocrat to generate certificates for staff to say they have completed the training. They are then using this as evidence to upload into their performance management.
Along side this, I have created a virtual learning platform, which allows staff to upload their instructions and screencastifys and tasks onto one platform for students to be able to work asynchronously.

I would like to showcase the potential of Sites as my tool which is aiding to support our school.

Differentiation and formative assessment with Quizlet and Classroom

Wendy Peskett

Create 7 different formative assessments from just a list of 6 keywords. Push differentiated resources to students in the same class on Google Classroom. Also use the learning set to play Quizlet live. Fast, fun, formative and free.

A Suite start to the year

Jon Neale

In this session… we will share ideas over how you can leverage the power of G Suite to support your school’s learning goals for 2020/2021

About AppsEvents

AppsEvents is a Google for Education Professional Development Partner which specialises in providing high quality G Suite (formerly Google Apps) training for educators all over the world. 

Our Global Summits featuring Google for Education is a two day training event hosted by schools all around the world which provides an excellent opportunity to learn about pedagogically sound uses of Google’s tools in education. 

Google Educator Certification Boot Camps can be hosted for a single district or as a public event at a hosting district. We also offer Quick Start and Office Staff training and customized professional development featuring G Suite & Google Classroom. 

We are also offering ISTE Certifications.