September 20, 2022 FREE Virtual Google EDU Summit

Join us on Tuesday, 20th September 2022 for another Virtual Google for Education Summit in partnership with Acer. This summit’s theme is “Subject specific use of Google Workspace”. Registration is FREE! Sign up here.

Sessions and Speakers

‘Get creative by designing interactive workbooks and escape room quizzes’

Speaker: Zaitoon Bukhari

Let’s get creative with the use of Google Slides to make interactive workbooks that add depth and support for all students. We will also look at ways to gamify Google Forms.


‘Let’s do a cool investigation and improve student learning using Google Keep’

Speaker: Neil Atkin

Before we teach anything we really need to know what our students are thinking.

• How might you find out what misconceptions they have?

• How might we open up some areas for discussion?

• How might we show progress?

• What might I need to teach/reteach?

• How might a Google tool help me do all these things?



Appsevents consists of a core team that works remotely across the world. A number of world class trainers with a history of innovation in the classroom make up the rest of the team at Google for Education summits and bootcamps.

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