Online Google Educator Bootcamps hosted by Mount Adams School District #209 In partnership with AppsEvents

A series of Google Certification Bootcamps were recently held for members of Mount Adams School District #209 last Jan 26-28, 2021 by AppsEvents, a global Google for Education Partner, in partnership with Acer for Education. A total of 18 educators attended a series of virtual training sessions led by a highly acclaimed Google Certified Trainer.


The goal of the bootcamp is to provide essential training for administrators, educators, specialists, and assistants/paraprofessionals to leverage G Suite for Education in their schools and communities. Participants learned how to use these cloud-based tools for and/or innovative ways to engage learners to be successful in achieving competency in all areas of the curriculum.

Get Certified

Get your staff and teachers up to date with the latest developments from Google and certified too! Host a custom online Google Educator bootcamp this 2021. Get in touch to learn more. https://appsevents.com/online 

G Suite Enterprise FREE Trial

Thinking about trying the premium features of G Suite Enterprise for Education in 2021? AppsEvents can set you up with a free 1 month trial and includes our amazing training to get you up to ‘power user’ level in no time at all. http://appsevents.com/gsefe-trial 

Host a Google PD

To get more information about hosting an in-person/virtual Google for EDU training for your teachers and staff, please fill out the form at https://appsevents.com/inquire-now/.  

About AppsEvents

AppsEvents is a leading global Google for Education Partner, specializing in high-quality, hands-on, pedagogy focused professional development (PD).

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